Plus size women's autumn and winter wear tips

 Most plus-size women think that it is easier to dress and match in winter than in summer, but wearing multiple thick layers tends to make full-figured women look like they don’t have a figure at all. However, plus-size women can create cold-weather looks that are flattering and protective against the weather at the same time. You only need to pay attention to some small details of your outfit; then, you can achieve a warm and fashionable effect.


Tip 1. Wear a Belt

For women with smaller bodies, oversize clothing can make them look petite and cute. Still, one of the biggest problems with winter clothing options for plus-size women is that they have a terrible tendency to make you appear shapeless and Larger than you are.

Adding a belt to almost any winter outfit can instantly accentuate your waist and trim your curves. When the cold weather hits, invest in a long belted jacket. These jackets allow you to tie their built-in belt around your waist, creating a stylish and elegant look, and no matter how curvy your layers are, you can have a clear view of your figure. What’s more, they are instrumental in the autumn and winter seasons, which can solve the inadequate selection of plus-size winter clothes.

Some examples:


Tip 2. Pay attention to the length of the clothes

Cropped jackets on curvy women look more hip and stylish. They won't hide your legs, making you appear taller than you are. At the same time, these jackets will keep you toasty. But it should be noted that if you do not match items like sweaters and skirts inside, do not make the inner longer than the short outer jackets. 

If you like to wear a long coat or windbreaker, try to match it with a short top and high-waisted jeans, which can effectively make your legs look more slender.

In short, remember, try not to wear jackets and inners of similar length together. 

Some examples:

Tip 3. Choose Colors Carefully

Although it is not easy for plus-size women to find winter clothes, most winter clothes are not so bright in color, which is very beneficial.

Bright colors tend to make objects more swollen visually. Dark colors are usually more flattering for women with large sizes because they subtly make your figure slim and smooth. When you match a plus-size outfit for cold weather, try mixing two or three dark colors. For example, pair black jeans with a gray top. Don't try to use only one dark color to create a monochromatic look. This will give your clothes an unflattering, uneven finish. 

Some examples:


Tip.4 Try to find the cardigan that suits you best. 

Long coats and cardigans are your best friends when the weather is cold. They are suitable for plus-size women with any body shape. These pieces allow you to wear a form-fitting outfit to accentuate your figure and stay warm by wearing the coat or cardigan on top. 

Try pairing a long trench coat with dark jeans, knee-high boots, and a thin-fitted sweater to create a look with a more professional finish. Or, throw a thick knit cardigan on over a lace-trimmed camisole and distressed skinnies with booties to create a casual, everyday look.

Some examples:


Tip 5. Throw away the too fat inner ride

If your inner clothing is too fat, after you put on the coat, it may not look so flat, which will make your whole person look very imprecise. Chunky sweaters add to your weight visually. Moreover, a heavy sweater has many features like a cowl or a turtleneck neckline that are not good for you if fat. These styles fall below the hip and create a significant effect. All oversized clothing is terrible because of your broader stature. Hence, avoid packing on heavy layers of fabric. In winter, plus-size women always need to wear thick inner sweaters to keep warm, so you must pay attention to it. It is best to choose a slim style. 

The self-cultivation style can show your body curve very well even after you take off your jacket. If you match it with a belt, it will be even more perfect. 

Some examples:


Tip 6. Slim bottoms 

A high-waisted and dark-colored pair of jeans or jeggings can make you all set in winter. Pants are also chic outfits and are available in many shapes and styles. We recommend wearing straight trousers instead of tapered trousers. Whether you wear jeans or pants, they shouldn’t be loose yet should give enough room for your thighs. The hem of the pants should be at your ankle. Wearing a length shorter or longer can make your torso appear short. Plus, avoid pants having patterns or any additional features like pockets. 

Some examples:


Tip 7. Pay attention to the details. 

The matching of some details can also add points to your outfit. For example, a scarf can balance your figure well and make you look more petite. Some suitable earrings can also make your outfit look more delicate. 

Some examples:

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