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About us

We aim to create a brand that is inclusive and friendly to women of all looks, sizes, shapes, and colors.

As my mom always said, "clothing tells our story."

My entire childhood was filled with the sound of my mom’s constantly moving sewing machine - she was a clothing designer and highly skilled tailor. Enticing and delicate traditional embroidery handicrafts and their creators’ intense concentration have greatly attracted me throughout my childhood. 

I feel a strong connection to textures and fashion, and have long been focused on pursuing a career in this field. My family has a rich history of involvement in the industry, and after graduating from business school, I decided to start this brand. My goal is to create the most comfortable underwear and loungewear for women of all sizes. It has always struck me as odd that most reputable brands only make clothing ranging from XS to XL, as if they're only for Barbie dolls. The world has a highly diverse range of sizes and people, and everyone deserves the same level of affirmation!

We’re entering a new era full of uncertainty. Managing a brand that offers twice the size of other brands is difficult and costly.  The inventory cost doubles and we need to continually update our fabrics and techniques to meet the different needs of each size, which has significantly increased our costs. However, we are lucky to have an amazing team, outstanding factories, and excellent employees who make everything possible.

It's time for the spotlight to fall on different girls. And that's why we are here now.

We Care About How Products Are Made
And How People Are Treated 


These are values my colleagues and I hold, and they combine the value of our brand holds:

- We produce premium products and sell them at an affordable price. 
- We treat you as a friend, not just a consumer. 
- We believe in taking social responsibility and protecting the environment. 
- We hope that every girl can love her mind and body. 
- We dream of a future where more and more brands embrace and celebrate people's differencesm, and we aspire to be one of them.

“Thank you for reading our story, and for joining us to launch this brand.”

Possibity Without Limit


Lijun Wang