Body Liberator Boxer Brief, 3" Inseam, 3-Pack

$38 $48
  • US 6-32, AU/UK 10-36
  • Wide, no-roll, flexible waistband
  • Supre-soft, breathable and durable
  • True to size, regular & plus size, no need to size up
  • Natural and sustainable fabric
  • Perfect as underwear, loungewear, sleeping pants & yoga or sports


    Length: 6‘’inseam
    Material: 95% Micro-Modal, 5% Spandex

    Machine wash on gentle. No bleach. Dry flat. Do not dry clean.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Fit: True to Size
    Size: M/00
    Fit: Good
    Feel great but not durable

    Overall, while I'm happy with my order I don't think I am going to be ordering underwear from poseshe again. The positives 1) they are easily the most comfortable fabric on any clothing I've ever owned. 2) The waistband fits really well- it's flat on my stomach but the elastic isn't too tight like most underwear waistbands, so there's no marks on your skin from the elastic band digging in. It also fits my butt really well when typically women's underwear will rise up too much in the back due to my butt and hips being what they are. So the legs still look like boxer legs in the back and haven't ridden up my ass.

    However, I don't think I will be buying these again. Don't get me wrong- these are much higher quality than the Hanes 5-pack you get at Walmart. The seams are sewn to be flat and the seams aren't at your hips where they'd be under more stress but at the front where there's the least stress. This means you probably won't be getting holes along the seams for a long time. But, they aren't what I paid for, either. After a few hours of use they started pilling, and I tried another pair in a different style, also pilling immediately. Without even washing them first. The fabric on these is already thin. If the basic friction of like, walking, is making these pill like a knit sweater, this tells me a few things. It tells me the fabric is not tightly woven enough. It tells me the initial fibers used to spin yarn were shorter, lower quality fibers, or that the yarn was not spun tightly enough. Micromodal NORMALLY has a lower tendency to pilling than other fabrics. This fabric is low quality, so I worry about how long these underwear will actually last. I don't want to buy $100 of underwear for it to only last 6 month. In addition, while the type of stitches done are decent, there are small fibers sticking out of the stitching in the hemmed ends. This does not bode well for the durability either. So, unless poseshe sources higher quality micromodal, I do not believe that these are worth the cost. You can certainly find micromodal textiles for a similar price that are better quality which leads to them lasting longer.

    Wendy Sanders
    Fit: True to Size
    Size: L/0X
    Fit: Very Good
    Love these!

    Great fit, comfortable fabric and help me stay cool on hot days. I will never wear any other underwear again. I love how smooth they look under my clothing too.

    Unbelievably comfortable!

    Got these as a gift for my girlfriend and she loved them!

    Adore Poseshe boxers - expertly crafted

    Wow. I like these. Almost didnt try them at first when I saw they are $16. But these are so well made, I am hooked. Bought several more. And black is fine. Looks good, comfortable, wears well - no matter what the day has in store. Thanks Amazon. I would not have these boxers without you : ) .

    The most outstanding underwear ever

    I've been slowly replacing all of my underwear drawer with boxers, and these are the first pair of TomboyX boxers I've ordered - and it certainly won't be the last! They're so comfortable, they don't ride up on me, stretch well, and just look absolutely great! Good for lounging, sleeping,

    Underwear that's so soft, expertly crafted, and comfortable, it feels like I forgot to put them on.

    I didn't know someone actually made underwear that could fit an athletic build and a really active life. These are so comfortable, they might even replace my soft cotton PJ'S for sleep. The legs don't ride up. There's no bunching fabric in my groin and the cotton stays dry all day. No rough seams in the middle of the most delicate parts. This has been my biggest pet peeve in women's underwear, even well-known, otherwise well-made brands. With that seam chaffing and rubbing all day, it feels like a form of torture. No more of that for me. For reference, I'm 5'7", 135 lbs, a competitive mountain biker. Waist is 29", so I got a medium. If I went by my hip size, it would be XS and then the waist would be a bit too small. Same if your hips are bigger; go by your waist size and you'll get a better fit.

    I am in love with these shorts

    I love these shorts. I sleep in them and wear them all day when I am working from home (for corporate 'merica). They fit very well, not high waisted, do not ride up. Love.

    OMG... So comfortable

    These are the only pair of underwear that I've ever liked, and I even love them! They're super comfy and fit well under clothes, with no weird lines. I bought more and am super happy!

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