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Easy Pieces™️ Curvy Embrace Seamless Wire-Free Support Bra

Sale price$42.00 USD


This Easy Pieces™️ Curvy Embrace Seamless Wire-Free Support Bra offers the ultimate fusion of elegance and comfort, tailored exclusively for curvy women weighing between 88 and 265 lbs (40 to 120 kg). Our expertly-crafted plus-size bra provides exceptional support, comfortable fit, and accentuates your natural curves. Experience wire-free, seamless design combined with a W-shaped lift, high-stretch fabric, adjustable wide straps, and removable pads all in one chic and sophisticated package. Elevate your confidence with a beautifully shaped bust and unparalleled comfort that caters to your unique needs.

  • Plus-Size Design: Expertly tailored for curvy women, accommodating a weight range of 88 to 265 lbs (40 to 120 kg).
  • Smart Soft-Support: Our innovative W-shaped lift provides enhanced comfort, addressing common concerns such as breast movement, expansion, and sagging.
  • High-Stretch Fabric: Our adaptable fabric caters to various body types, offering a seamless and wire-free experience.
  • Adjustable Comfort: Wide straps with a three-row, three-hook closure, and removable pads allow for customizable support and easy maintenance.
  • Beautiful Bust Shape: Wider and higher side panels gather and contain side breast tissue, creating an attractive and confident silhouette.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Scarlett Wilson
Soooooo comfortable

Love this garment. Nice shape, straps dont slip, super comfortable yet good support.

Charlotte Bailey
Love it

Love the no wire and soft comfort. I wear all day without feeling smashed in!!

Grace Thompson
Great for under scrubs

Ladies, this is the finest non-underwire bra I've come across, and trust me, I've bought and returned more than my fair share. It's soft, provides excellent support, and the band does not dig into your skin. I'm head over heels for this bra!!! Give it a shot! Let go of those pricey brands.

Isabella Johnson
Perfect wireless bra!

I've been eager to transition away from underwire bras, but found many alternatives to be unflattering. This one, however, is the ideal fit for me. It's extremely comfortable, flattering, and free of any pinching or unappealing bulges. This purchase represents the fourth color I've acquired in this particular style.

Emily Davis
I am in love with this

Following a radical lumpectomy due to invasive breast cancer, one of my breasts became notably smaller than the other. Since then, I've been confined to sports bras, which either made me appear asymmetrical or resulted in a "uniboob" look. When purchasing this, I was prepared to return yet another unsatisfactory bra...but this one is a game-changer. It makes me look uniform, and the comfort is beyond words. I am definitely going to purchase more!

Vivian Walsh
This is a very comfortable undergarment.

This undergarment is exceptional due to its utmost comfort. I wear it all day without experiencing any pinching or binding. It functions flawlessly under both silk and cotton fabrics. Irrespective of the season or event, this has become my go-to bra.

Abigail Hopkins
Better than expected

Being a woman of substantial bust size, 38DD, I must express my admiration for this bra. I've always detested underwire bras, prompting me to give this one a try, and I couldn't be happier with the decision. Its comfort and support are unparalleled. The straps are sufficiently broad, preventing any uncomfortable digging, and can be adjusted for an optimal fit. Moreover, the material is smooth to touch and promotes breathability. In short, I can't recommend it enough. Just go ahead and buy it.

Sophia Bennett

Upon ordering, I was anticipating a bra of low-cost material, expecting to replace it yearly. However, I've been pleasantly surprised to find it maintains its shape well even after three wash cycles in the washing machine (gentle setting). Given its affordability, I am deeply enamored with this bra. I have shopped for wireless bras from Nordstrom, Saks, and Costco previously. Yet, this one outperforms in all aspectsprice, comfort, and material quality. I'm ecstatic I discovered and decided to give it a chance.