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Article: Styling Tips for Pear-shaped body

Styling Tips for Pear-shaped body - POSESHE

Styling Tips for Pear-shaped body

What is a pear-shaped body?

Body shape with large hips wider than the bust and shoulders can be defined as a Pear-shaped body since it makes the body appear like a pear shape. Other pear body shape characteristics include a defined waist, proportionally slim shoulders and arms, relatively more minor tops while legs are likely full or muscular.

There is an imbalance between the upper body and bottom since the bottom is heavier for pear body shape. Therefore, the key to style the pear body shape is to draw attention towards the upper body and defined waist instead of the broader and heavier hips and legs. Here are some great tips for helping to style and highlight the best features of a pear-shaped body type.


Celebrities who have a Pear-shaped body:

Dascha Polanco
Serena Williams
Kim Kardashian
Jennifer Love-Hewitt


Highlight the upper body

1. Pay attention to the neckline. Narrow collars might make you look unbalanced and bottom-heavy since they are easy to stretch and slim your upper body vertically. It might be better to have wider necklines, like square, Sabrina boat, and Bardot necklines, to create width on your shoulders. Moreover, the off-shoulder necklines can also create a beautiful view of your upper body and balance the shape. You can also think about the tops with embellishment and decorations on/around your neckline and shoulder for adding volume and drawing other's eyes toward your upper body—for example, laces, ruffles. And for sure, the shape of everyone, every "Pear," is different, don't hesitate to try different types. But remember, Balance!

@Beyonce | Off-shoulder

@Serena Williams | Credit: MediaPunch/Shutterstock | Square Neckline


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2. Bodysuits are helpful. They are good at emphasizing your figure while they are more form-fitting. The bodysuit can work well with jeans and long skirts. If you are not confident in having a sleek look, adding layers is also excellent, such as cardigans, blazers, and jackets.

Instagram/@Beyonce | Bodysuit with additional layer of Jacket 

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3. Top and T-shirt. They are for every shape of the body. For chic and simplified looks, tops and T-shirts play essential roles. But remember to pay attention to the sleeves and length.  If you already have more volume on your arm, especially the upper arm, try to be away from the ones with short and tight sleeves. The length, which is just right on the hip, is the best. Avoid super long or oversized ones; they might make you look shorter and broader. If you would like to emphasize your waist, choose crop tops

Instagram/@Beyonce | Crop Top, puff sleeve, wide belt 

Instagram/@Beyonce | Crop Top 

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4. Choices of sleeves. For short sleeves, you can choose the ones with structure and volume. They are adding volume to balance with your wide bottom, like Batwings and flutter sleeves. It might be better to have slim sleeves for long sleeves since baggy ones may make you look even larger. Also, pay attention to the length. When the sleeves end right on your hip, the vast structure will make your hip look even wider.

Instagram/@Beyonce | Long sleeve look

Instagram/@Beyonce | Long sleeve look

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5. Accessories are your trusted friends. You can choose large, colorful, and bright ones to draw attention. For example, large earrings can go with different styles. Layered necklaces are also good at keeping eyes on the upper body and refining the shape of necklines. You can also style with short shoulder bags; it makes you look fashionable, casual, and chic. 

Instagram/@Beyonce | Layered necklaces and Large earrings
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6. Dresses are fabulous. Do you know! It is even easier for pears styling looks for dresses! Choose the slim ones on the upper body, especially the waist part, and skim on the bottom and over your hip. They will make you look slim and tall. Also, adding a wide belt is helpful. When the hemline is right below your knee, the dress can elongate your whole body and make you look slim and light on the bottom. If you would like to emphasize your butt, choose a skin-tight dress with high heels. Other types of dresses like Fit-and-Flare, A-line dresses are friendly to the pear-shaped body. Just try them! Dresses are beautiful on Pears, as long as the focal point is away from the bottom part.

@Beyonce | Credit: Kevin Mazur+Getty Image | Dress look, slim sleeves


@Serena Williams | Credit: Fred Duval/FilmMagic | Dress look, off-shoulder

Instagram/@Beyonce | Dress, long sleeves, layered necklaces


De-emphasize the lower body


7. Trousers and jeans are fine but pay attention. When choosing trousers and jeans, the colors are darker the better. They are good at flattering. Moreover, Straight, bootcut and high-rise are friendly to Pears since they can visually narrow down your legs by reducing extra curves. Tapered or skinny fits are dangerous!

@Dascha Polanco | Credit: Bennett Raglin | Dark washed jeans

@Dascha Polanco | Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images | Dark jeans, high waist


8. Avoid additional details on hips and thighs. Remember, try to avoid the ones with decorations and embellishments, especially around the hip and thigh. It is so easy for them to make you look wider

@Dascha Polanco | Credit: Bennett Raglin | A look in Black with a patterned jacket

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Other tips

9. Fit is important. You don't have to always stick with baggy clothes or super tight ones for emphasizing your assets. The better way to style a pear-shaped body, and for each type of body shape, is to balance "tight" and "loose".

 @Jennifer Love-Hewitt | Credit: RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images | Balance "loose" and "tight" 


10. Patterns on top draw eyes upward. You can try to wear tops and upper clothes with patterns. They can keep attention on your upper body. On the other hand, when prints are on the bottom, you look even broader and weightier on the bottom.

@Jennifer Love-Hewitt | Credit: HawtCelebs | Patterns on the top

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